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Kelsey Grammer explains why Niles isn't returning for the Frasier reboot

Instead the character will likely be more of a cameo.

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As you might recall, Kelsey Grammer's beloved character Frasier is coming back in a new show on Paramount+, but this time, his brother Niles won't be a main character on the show, neither will any of the other stars from Frasier. Instead, it's about a third chapter in Frasier's life (the first being Cheers in Boston, the second being Frasier in Seattle and now probably Chicago where he moves at the end of Frasier).

In an interview with People, Grammer explains why they decided to take this route:

"David basically decided he wasn't really interested in repeating the performance of Niles... In a very funny way, it just took us to a new place, which was what we originally wanted to do anyway, which was a Fraser third act. It's an entirely new life for him."

David Hyde Pierce, who played Niles, fortunately hasen't completely ruled out returning as the character. We assume we will get to meet Niles again every now and then, but more as a recurring guest on the show.

Kelsey Grammer explains why Niles isn't returning for the Frasier reboot

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