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Kid A Mnesia Exhibition

Kid A Mnesia Exhibition won't cost you a penny when it arrives on Epic Game Store on November 18

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Epic has revealed that Radiohead's digital Kid A Mnesia Exhibition will be temporarily free when it launches on its storefront on November 18. Originally planned to be held in person, the interactive experience features tracks that were originally cut from the ambient-inspired albums Kid A and Amnesia. The b-side collection that influenced the game is out now, and its release has been supported by the singles 'If You Say the Word' and 'Follow Me Around.'

Kid A Mnesia Exhibition isn't the only title Epic is offering November 18-25. Users can also look forward to freely downloading Never Alone and Guild of Dungeoneering. Additionally, Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep: A Wonderlands One-shot Adventure and Rogue Company Season Four Epic Pack are free to claim until November 17.

Kid A Mnesia Exhibition

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