Killer is Dead

Killer is Dead is not a horror game

Akira Yamaoka teases next project.

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Our Spanish editor David Caballero recently interviewed famed video game composer and longtime Silent Hill producer Akira Yamaoka, and while talking about Silent Hill psycho-techniques, we ask him if he's returning to that horror theme with this new project. This was his answer:

"(Laughs) Hmmm... that game is probably not going to be what you expect as for the scaryness and the horror and the thrill world... but we're going to work on something different so that we can make you happy, so please expect that."

Details are still extremely scarce when it comes to Killer is Dead, but given Kadokawa Games relationship with Warner Bros. and the relative success of Lollipop Chainsaw it's a distinct possibility that Warner will bring the game over to Western markets.

We'll soon bring you the full GRTV interview with Akira Yamaoka from the recent Play Fest.

Killer is Dead

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