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Kingdom combines base building with side-scrolling adventure

We chat with Thomas van den Berg about the intriguing little strategy game.

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During Gamescom we got a chance to talk to Thomas van den Berg about a new indie-game called Kingdom. It's an interesting mix of side-scrolling mechanics and base building together:

"It's an exploration strategy game", van den Berg explains. "Goal is to build a castle and defend it against the creeps at night. In the end they will get to you and you have to start over."

The player doesn't get any tangible rewards for playing the game over and over, but van Berg clarifies that he also learns the rules of the game by playing. So playing makes you better and in the end you get to progress further in the game and thus see more of it. The world is created procedurally, so it will never be exactly the same.

Kingdom will be released during October and you can already add it to your wishlist on Steam. The full interview and gameplay trailer can be seen below.


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