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Kingdom Eighties

Kingdom Eighties announced for consoles

Prepare to return to the 80s again in a new adventure from Raw Fury - and we have a trailer to show it off.

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The 80s have managed to become a strong brand in their own right, with the almost mythical decade being enough of a draw to attract attention. In recent years, we've seen more and more movies, TV shows and games set in this era, and later this year we can look forward to yet another one.

Kingdom Eighties was announced for PC last year, but has now been confirmed for consoles as well. We've got a new trailer showing off the adventure, which seems to feature things that were actually big in the 80s like riding BMX bikes, hanging out in arcades and going to summer camps. Here's the official description from the game's Steam page:

"It was supposed to be a summer camp like any other: fresh air, a change of scenery, friendly new faces, everything you've been looking forward to after a long year. Then again, anything would be better than staying at home and hearing your parents argue day in and day out.

Yeah, that's what you thought. Because a few days in, you've started to hear weird sounds after dusk, and seeing strange odd shapes with... glowing scarlet eyes?"

Check out the video below, nostalgia is high in this one!

Kingdom Eighties

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