Final Fantasy VII: Remake

Kitase on AVALANCHE vs Shinra Corp. in FFVII Remake

We asked the long-time Final Fantasy producer about the fictional terrorist group and the megacorp in the story of the remade RPG.

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The story of the original Final Fantasy VII game on PSX depicted the inevitable conflict between a terrorist group trying to save the planet and a mega-corporation draining resources from it. With Square Enix's Remake around the corner (available on PlayStation 4 on April 10), we asked Yoshinori Kitase, who directed the first game and is now producing the Remake, what type of message was he trying to send and if that has changed given the social context today compared to how things were back in the '90s.

"Ok, so there is a slight difference maybe in how the actions of AVALANCHE are depicted in the Remake compared to the original", Kitase told Gamereactor in Madrid. "Obviously, the stakes of society and the way people or what people are concerned about... Just that times have changed in the 23 years since the original game. Essentially, what happens now in the remake, the actions of AVALANCHE, they're intending to resist the Shinra corporation obviously and cause a little bit of damage to get back at them.

"But they actually kind of fall into a trap and the Shinra corporation actually takes advantage of their actions, using their propaganda machine to depict AVALANCHE as this big evil organization, and turn the people of Midgar against them. So, it's depicting their actions and the way they handle all depictions is a slightly different way, it's slightly different odds compared to the original".

For more on Final Fantasy VII: Remake, which just went gold, you can read our final hands-on impressions here) (our impressions extend beyond the public demo) or take a look at our exclusive gameplay below.


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