Knockout City

Knockout City's second season takes the dodgeball slinging carnage to the movies

Season 2 kicks off on July 27.

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Just as expected, one of the games to show its face during tonight's EA Play event was Velan Studios' Knockout City. During the show, Velan co-founder Karthik Bala made an appearance and revealed that Knockout City's second season would be taking the action to the movies.

Season 2 is set to commence on July 27 and it features a brand new map that appears to encompass many different types of movie sets from gothic castles to pink and cutesy children's bedrooms. There is a new ball that is shaped like a fat shook-up bottle of Cola and this explodes on impact when thrown at your rivals. Additionally, as expected, the new seasons also brings new themed cosmetics and rewards, but specific details on these have not been revealed.

Will you be making a return for Knockout City's second season?

Knockout City

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