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The Bird That Drinks Tears

Krafton reveals an unnamed secret project with a spectacular trailer

It will be an action title based on the Korean fantasy novels "The Bird That Drinks Tears" and developed in Unreal Engine 5.

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Even though the Tokyo Game Show is officially over, there are many titles that are not yet mature enough to be officially unveiled at the big game shows. But after watching the amazing trailer below, I wish we had more details about publisher Krafton's secret project.


Still without a definitive name and with little details that ResetEra users have rescued from here and there, the game (which is in development with the Unreal Engine 5) will be an open-world title based on the Korean dark fantasy novel series "The Bird That Drinks Tears", which draws on Eastern polytheistic mythology to create its universe. In fact, the title of the trailer is "The Nhaga Eater", referring to the books' protagonist Kagan Draca. Nagas are snake-like beings from Hindu mythology that can often be found as statues at the gates of temples, as for example in the Angkor Wat burial complex in Cambodia.

No further details are known at the moment, but we will follow with interest future announcements about this new project from Team Windless and Krafton.

The Bird That Drinks TearsThe Bird That Drinks Tears
The Bird That Drinks Tears

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