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LA Valiant reveals roster in a brilliant The Office parody

While most teams go for a traditional approach, Valiant stood out because of the humour in their video, which featured a classic Office prank.

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The war for Los Angeles goes on, as the roster reveals adds a new spark to the conflict. By combining the player personalities with the iconic intro for The US Office, Valiant created a unique roster reveal that brings a more informal and personal side to the traditional event.

Each player on the roster became a member of The Office with the most notable being Coach Moon Byung-Chul as Michael Scott, Bak 'Kariv' Youngseo as Dwight Schrute, and Scott 'Custa' Kennedy as Jim Halpert. To add to the fun, the reveal finished with a prank that involved Custa putting Kariv's mouse in jelly, the same well-known prank that Jim pulled on Dwight in the television show.

The Gladiators on the other hand launched their 2019 roster reveal on Twitter last Friday, utilising a more professional approach that saw the players standing in their jerseys against a Gladiator-themed background. Whilst this reveal was classy and incredibly smart, it held nothing on the Valiant's brilliant parody of The Office.

The full Valiant player roster can be seen below:

Brady 'Agilities' Girardi
Jun-hyeok 'Bunny' Chae
Kyle 'KSF' Frandanisa
Indy 'SPACE' Halpern
Pan-seung 'Fate' Koo
Dae-kuk 'KuKi' Kim
Scott 'Custa' Kennedy
Young-seo 'Kariv' Park
Min-chul 'Izayaki' Kim

How do you think the Valiant will do this season?

Photo: Overwatch League

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