Laptops with RTX cards landing sooner than expected

If you're looking to upgrade your gaming laptop, maybe hold back a while as there are new cards on the immediate horizon.

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As CES launched its 2019 show, Nvidia released news about its mobile RTX 2080 graphics cards, the new RTX 2060 card that will be the cheapest available with Ray Tracing, and slim-line, low-powered RTX Max-Q cards for laptops are on the way as well.

As expected, CES has been used to launch no less than 40 different laptops, 17 of them with low-power Max-Q versions that all will hit your local hardware stores within a relatively short time span, and with the first models being available from January 29, perhaps by then we will have a few more Ray Tracing titles.

Both versions use the TU104 chip that is also found in the desktop version of the card, but rumour has it that at least two different Max-Q RTX 2080 cards exist, and each with variable core clock speed. Though the specs of many slim-line laptops will be the same, performance will differ greatly. Both aim at maximum 40 dB noise, but we at Gamereactor fear for the thermals on the full-size mobile version of the RTX 2080 card, as it has power use almost twice that of the smallest Max-Q version.

Laptops with RTX cards landing sooner than expected

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