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New Tomb Raider

Lara Croft is seemingly queer and older in new Tomb Raider

Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix all but confirm the reports after a DMCA.

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Back in April, Crystal Dynamics announced it's making a new Tomb Raider, but we didn't get significantly more details other than the game is using Unreal Engine 5. Not that we had to wait too long for more, as Last Stand Media-founder and former IGN-journalist Colin Moriarty shared what he claimed was leaked documents from the game in last week's Sacred Symbols episode. These claims have now been all but confirmed.

Because Moriarty and crew have published a new video where they reveal that Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix (apparently still the game's publisher even after selling its western developer studios back in May) have sent a Digital Millennium Copyright Act request to Patreon asking the company to remove the Tomb Raider part of last week's Sacred Symbols. This is, very simply explained, something a company does when it's of the opinion that someone has revealed confidential documents or don't use a product in a fair way, so the two have basically confirmed that the leaks are real.

That implies the upcoming Tomb Raider game is planned to include a well-known Lara Croft at the top of her game in her mid-thirties trying to save the world from a mysterious cataclysm together with a group of younger adventurers. The documents also said the woman playing Ms. Croft has to be prepared for romantic sequences with another female, so I expect to see a ton of heated messages from the same corners of the Internet that went crazy when Bloomberg's Jason Schreier claimed GTA VI will have a female protagonist last week...

New Tomb Raider

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