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Battlefield 2042

Latest Battlefield 2042 update brings reworked Kaleidoscope map

And the first batch of "Style and Tone" changes for Specialists have arrived.

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EA has released the patch notes for Update 1.2 for Battlefield 2042, an update that arrives today and is bringing a wealth of changes and improvements to the game.

The biggest change to note comes in the form of the released Kaleidoscope map, which has been tackled to promote better gameplay flow, and now has new cover, flag positions, terrain elevation, and visual changes across the entire map.

But alongside this, Update 1.2 has brought the first "Style and Tone" change for Specialists, which this time sees several character models updated.

There is also now a Player Profile and Statistics page to check out in-game, so that you can track your progression since Battlefield 2042 launched, and on the side of game balance, the RAH-68 Huron and the YG-99 Hannibal 30mm Cannon has been nerfed to make it less oppressive to infantry.

The full patch notes go into further depth about each individual aspect of Update 1.2, so if you want to read about the finer tweaks to Kaleidoscope, you can check that out here. If you're curious about Season 2 of Battlefield 2042, and what Update 2.0 will look like, we're told EA will "check in" later in August to update fans about this.

Battlefield 2042

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