Marvel's Avengers
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Latest Marvel's Avengers trailer gave us a better look at Black Panther and the game's Wakanda

Release is planned for this August.

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The Square Enix Presents: Summer 2021 last night gave us a look at what the publisher has planned with the Marvel brand, by presenting a pretty lengthy segment on its now announced Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy game (check out our preview of the game here). But, it didn't forget about its current Marvel title, Marvel's Avengers, as it also delivered a new cinematic trailer taking a further look at the upcoming War for Wakanda expansion.

Planned for August 2021, the expansion will introduce Black Panther as a playable character and will even take us to the lush African city of Wakanda. The trailer also gave us a look at the villain we can expect to face, Ulysses Klaw, with Black Panther fighting him in his regular human form for the most part.

The expansion still doesn't have an exact release date, only August 2021 is known, but it will be coming to Marvel's Avengers "at no additional cost". You can take a look at the new trailer below that shows off the King of Wakanda below.

Marvel's Avengers

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