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Latest Redfall trailer shows a deeper look at the creepy, vampire-overrun town

Bethesda has shared a new trailer in the spirit of the spooky season.

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While Redfall won't be launching this Halloween, despite being an ideal title to debut in the spooky season, Bethesda has used the annual celebration as an excuse to publish another trailer for the game.

This one gives another look at the gameplay, the setting of the town of Redfall, and even the many different vampire types that you will encounter during your time playing the action title. In particular, we get a look at the vigilant Watcher types (which essentially act as searchlights from what we can tell), and the Angler, which seems to grab you from a distance to then strike a fatal blow. Needless to say, they look rather frightening indeed.

But you can see all of this for yourself in the trailer below, and look forward to playing Redfall in the first half of 2023, when it arrives on PC and Xbox consoles.


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