Destiny 2: Beyond Light

Latest This Week At Bungie addresses 'teleporty' enemies in Destiny 2

A very early look at the Festival of the Lost skins for this year were also detailed.

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It's Friday morning, which means last night was the weekly This Week At Bungie (or, TWAB), and for this week's edition the Destiny 2 developer has addressed the "teleporty" enemies that have become a little more common since the launch of Destiny 2: Beyond Light.

According to Bungie, enemies are meant to teleport to reduce issues with AI getting stuck, but recently it has also noted "that most of the recent uptick has been caused by new issues with some of our networking logic." Bungie has stated that they are "working on improvements for how we handle network traffic and think it will reduce the amount of teleporting," meaning we have that to look out for.

Also detailed in the TWAB was a very, very early teaser of the sorts of skins we can expect to see in the upcoming Festival of the Lost event scheduled for this Halloween. Bungie has created two armour sets, and has asked the community to vote on which one they'd rather see in the event later this year. The themes are Movie Monsters and Dinosaurs, and you can check out a look at the pretty cool armour below.

Destiny 2: Beyond LightDestiny 2: Beyond Light
Movie Monsters on the left. Dinosaurs on the right.

The next round of Prime Gaming rewards were also noted, and they will be:

  • Imperial Projection - Legendary Ghost Projection

  • Six Shooter - Exotic Emote

  • Warrior's Steed - Exotic Sparrow

  • The Oviraptor - Exotic Ship

You can check out the full TWAB that expands on the Festival of the Lost voting, and the teleporting issues, here.

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