Destiny 2: Beyond Light

Latest This Week At Bungie details yet another nerf to Stasis

Oh, and the dinosaur Festival of the Lost skins won the vote.

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The most recent This Week At Bungie blog post has been revealed, and it has once again given us an insight into all that the developer has planned for Destiny 2.

The theme for this update is the upcoming launch of Grandmaster Nightfalls, set to bring the most challenging version of the PvE activity for Guardians to tackle. With a difficulty set to 1350 Power, this activity starting March 16 will also be offering the opportunity to get the first ever Adept weapons from PvE. So, grab a couple of pals and get ready for a brutal challenge, all in the hopes of getting the slightly upgraded Shadow Price, Palindrome, and The SWARM weapons.

The TWAB also detailed some upcoming bug fixes, before showing off the plans for the next round of Stasis nerfs. Shockingly, all three versions of the class will be taking a major hit across the board to its damage, effectiveness, and vulnerability. If you are interested to see the tweaks, check out the TWAB linked above, as the changes are extensive.

It was also noted that the dinosaur Festival of the Lost armour won the community vote, meaning we now know what to expect when Halloween rolls back around later this year.

Bungie also mentioned that as the US heads into daylight saving time this weekend, the weekly and daily resets will now be taking place an hour earlier in your respective regions, at least until we also head into daylight saving time.

Finally, it was also briefly noted that the issue that has been plaguing Trials of Osiris these past few weeks has been resolved and that the mode will be back in full force this weekend.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light

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