Killzone: Shadow Fall

Lawsuit over Killzone: Shadow Fall's graphics dismissed

Judge dismisses the case, and orders both parties to pay their own expenses.

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Last year Sony was sued over the graphics seen in Killzone: Shadow Fall's multiplayer. It was argued that the company lied on purpose about the graphics seen in multiplayer. They weren't run on native 1080p resolution as promised, instead they utilised so called horizontal interlace. With this technique every other column of pixels is generated using information from frames rendered before. This plugs the gaps left in the image. The lawsuit was at least partially based on this finding, which was reported on Eurogamer.

But now the struggle has come to an end, as a judge has dismissed the whole case without the possibility for an appeal. The news was delivered via Courthouse News website. Both parties have to pay their own legal expenses.

Killzone: Shadow Fall

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