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League of Legends

LCS Championship Weekend ticket sales delayed indefinitely

With the Summer Season in jeopardy, Riot has stopped fans from buying tickets to the season concluding tournament.

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Players involved in the League of Legends Championship Series are currently engaged in a walkout, in a bid to force Riot Games to be a more transparent and fair tournament organising body. Riot has responded to this decision by essentially holding the Summer Season of the LCS hostage, by stating that if an agreement isn't met within two weeks, it will cancel the Summer Season and thus mean that the LCS forfeit their spots in the World Championship later this year.

While we hope that the LCS doesn't forfeit its spots at Worlds this year, Riot has now started preparing for a cancelled Summer Season by the looks of things, as it has now issued a statement telling fans that ticket sales for the LCS Championship Weekend are being delayed indefinitely.

Anyone who has already purchased tickets for the event will also be refunded, meaning it is looking increasingly like Riot is about to cancel the Summer Season, and therefore the LAN-event of the LCS Championship Weekend, meaning LCS teams probably won't have a presence at Worlds later this year either.

League of Legends

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