League of Legends

LCS returns to a best-of-three format for Summer Split

As well as having a revamped Playoffs structure.

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Riot Games has just revealed a bunch of information in regard to the upcoming Summer Split for the League of Legends Championship Series. With the next batch of games set to kick off in the middle of June, we're told that the Split will use a best-of-three format once again and that this came about "in response to feedback from our passionate fan base and professional players alike."

League of Legends

The best-of-three return has also come about as now the LCS features fewer teams, and with only eight teams in competition there is ample room to use the format without requiring dual streams. If this format works well, Riot will explore using it for future format decisions in 2025 and beyond.

As per the Playoffs, we're told this will now feature all teams starting in the winner's bracket and then fighting their way through, avoiding elimination by falling to the loser's bracket, and with the best two teams earning first round byes.

As per the schedule for the Summer Split, you can see that below.

League of Legends

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