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      The Sims 4

      Leak reveales new underwear will be released for The Sims 4 soon

      Because who doesn't need to know what their Sims are wearing under their clothes?

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      What would a new year of gaming be without a new The Sims 4 leak? This time it's one of their new kits that has leaked, which is... new underwear.

      Not even a day passed from the announcement of their new roadmap for the first quarter before the leak was a fact. Yesterday we saw in a video that they were releasing two kits and after that we saw a picture of a pair of underwear and a tube of toothpaste with a toothbrush in hand. Soon after, many speculated that there could be a lingerie kit and maybe something about bathrooms for the toothbrush coming next, but it wasn't long before we got an answer.

      EA and the Sims 4 team are known for accidentally leaking new kits, game/gadget packs and updates and this time someone at EA accidentally posted the image for the new kit. Several players accidentally saw it and snapped a picture of the mistake before they could correct it.

      There's no date announced yet for when it will be released, but since they're already looking at adding it in, there probably won't be long before the first updates to The Sims 4 arrive.

      The Sims 4
      The Sims 4

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