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Lego has just unveiled its new most expensive product

The new AT-AT is more expensive than the Imperial Star Destroyer and the Millennium Falcon.

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Lego has just unveiled a new product that has been crowned as its most expensive product currently. Falling into the same theme as a lot of its other very expensive items, Star Wars, the new version of the AT-AT will retail for the gut-wrenching price of £699.99 / € 799.99 / $1299.99 when it launches on November 26.

According to the product listing, this behemoth of a set will boast 6785 pieces and will come with 9 minifigures, including five snowtroopers, two AT-AT pilots, and Hoth Snowspeeder Luke. As for the dimensions of the set, it will stand 62cm tall, with a width of 24cm, and a depth of 69cm - so quite a large product all-in-all.

The set will also come with moveable, posable legs as well as removable side panels so that you peek into the inside of the AT-AT to take a look at the crew and the speeder bikes stored in the massive vehicle's rear.

You can take a look at the new AT-AT set here, and even look to pick one up for yourself come Friday, assuming you have the stomach for it.

Lego has just unveiled its new most expensive product

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