Rock Band 4

Less than a week to export your Rock Band 3 songs to Rock Band 4

Starting December 1, you will no longer be able to export your Rock Band 3 songs.

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If you still like to invite friends over to rock with plastic instruments like it's 2008, then listen up. One of the main features of the Rock Band series is that you can bring your music over from one game to the next in an ever growing library. But as this genre isn't as big as it used to be, the last major release from Harmonix with instruments was Rock Band 4 from 2015.

And if you are playing this - or ever intend to - and want to export your songs from Rock Band 3, you better hurry up. On December 1, the exporting from Rock Band 3 will come to an end. This means you have to act now or forever have to accept that you'll need to switch between different games rather than having this massive rocking library of metal hits to choose from.

Doing this for Xbox is really easy, Just head over to the Microsoft Store, pay the £11.99 and you are all set.

For PlayStation, you need to have previously played Rock Band 3 on PlayStation 3 with your profile. If you have, head over to the in-game Rock Band 4 Music Store, go to Exports and the game will see if you are eligible. If so, you can then purchase the Export Pack for the same price tag as Xbox.

With all this done, you are then ready to continue your rocking in the future as well.

Rock Band 4

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