Do you have too many games?

  • Sent in by: pewtershooter

Sales, bundles, discounts. Am I the only one that has more games than I'll ever play?


You're certainly not. I can't speak for the other GR writers (though I daresay it's a similar story across the board) but I personally have a collection of games that I'll never fully conquer.

Of course, some of these games I've got for work purposes, never to be played again once reviewed or previewed, but there's others that I've paid for that I'll simply never get around to playing. Purchases made on a whim, just because they were cheap on Steam or GOG. Or because they came in a bundle that I bought specifically for a couple of other games.

I've got hundreds of games now, and while I do go back and chip away at the backlog wherever possible, it's an insurmountable mountain now, never to be climbed. Still, it's a happy problem to have, I'm sure you'll agree.

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