Just Cause 2 age rating

  • Sent in by: StrandF

Hey I was just wondering, are Just couse 2 going to be 16+ or 18+? I know it's not decided yet but what do you guys think, after the interviews and the trailers?

On the Just Cause info site on Gamereactor.eu, does it say that it's 16+ but it also say that it will come out November 2009. Isn't it coming out in 2010?


The first game had an age rating of 16+ so I would assume they are aiming for the same rating with the sequel. However, I wouldn't bet on it. Age ratings are beyond me. I talked to someone who works with these things I heard that something as mundane as an exposed belly button can change the age rating.

Just Cause 2 hasn't been given an official release date, but looks set for an early 2010 release.

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