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Lies of P

Lies of P dusts off and launches beta on all platforms and a launch date

It will be released on 19 September on PC, PlayStation and Xbox.

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Some may be sad to see their hopes of seeing Bloodborne at 60 FPS and on PC vanished again, but at least we have another great ARPG with so many similarities to FromSoftware's title that no Souls fan should miss out on: Lies of P.

Round 8's twisted take on the tale of Pinocchio and Geppetto results in a terrifying Belle Époque fantasy that everyone can now try out, as a demo has just been released on all confirmed platforms for the game. A demo that we have tested before the event, and of which we leave you our impressions here.

In addition, the game has confirmed its definitive release date. It will be on September 19th when we will go out with our sword and our mechanical arm to face all the puppets and automatons that have massacred the population of the fictional city of Krat.

Lies of PLies of PLies of P

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