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Lighting expert Airam releases a new version of a classical thermos bottle to celebrate Alan Wake 2

We need hot drinks this September.

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Remedy Entertainment is currently working hard to get Alan Wake 2 ready for launch on October 17th, 2023 for PC, Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X (and S).

Now Remedy has decided to collaborate with a Finnish lighting company Airam in order to produce a new version of a classical thermos bottle by the name "Oh Deer Diner". It is said to combine "Finnish design, storytelling, and everyday quality". It is also the first time for Airam's classical thermos to collaborate with another brand.

Remedy's Communications Director Thomas Puha reminds us, that thermos bottles have a significant meaning in Alan Wake.

"The thermos bottle has become a notorious little detail that has achieved cult status among the Alan Wake player community. Fans remember the achievement in the original game which the player earned after finding 100 hidden thermos bottles. In the sequel, the thermos plays a significantly more important role. This got us excited about the idea of creating an authentic Oh Deer Diner thermos for our fans."

Oh Deer Diner thermos bottle is a limited edition version of "Airam's traditional 0.45 liter bottle with a high-quality glass interior". The production of Airam's thermos bottles began in Helsinki in the 1930's. Oh Deer Diner thermos will be available for sale in September 2023.

Alan Wake 2

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