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League of Legends

Lil Nas X has been named the "president of League of Legends"

And the musician will be creating a bunch of content for Riot Games over the coming month.

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All eyes are on the League of Legends World Championship at this point, and to this end Riot Games has now announced a pretty big decision. The games company has decided to name Lil Nas X as the "president of League of Legends". Granted this doesn't really mean anything and the famed musician won't actually be making any important changes that will affect the MOBA title or its competitive scene, but he will be producing some content with Riot to mark the premier tournament.

Namely, Lil Nas X will be producing the song Star Walkin, which will be the World Championship's anthem for 2022. It's set to be unveiled next week, on Friday, September 23.

Otherwise, Lil Nas X is helping design a Prestige skin for the next League Champion, K'Sante, which will be purchasable by spending 2,000 Worlds 2022 tokens in the event pass for the tournament in-game.

Finally, Lil Nas X will also be performing live at the World Championship grand finals opening ceremony on Saturday, November 5, so don't miss this.

League of Legends

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