Loop Hero

Loop Hero has sold 500,000 copies

And it's only been one week since the game launched on PC.

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As a newly released game, it is incredible to see how successful and popular the action adventure Loop Hero is. Developer Four Quarters just announced that Loop Hero has surpassed 500,000 units sold, and it's only been a week since the game launched on Steam.

In order to celebrate this remarkable achievement, the team decided to collaborate with the artist Bard-the-zombie "on a special series of Steam Trading Cards, available now in the game!"

The team also stated that they are currently working on patches with quality-of-life updates requested by players, "including a system for saving during expeditions, new speed settings, and a deck of traits gained from bosses! After that, you can expect to see lots more content added to the game, such as new cards, transformations, classes and new music." More details should be shared soon.

The future looks bright for Loop Hero.

Loop Hero

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