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Overwatch 2

Los Angeles Gladiators continues its 2022 success by also winning the Midseason Madness

The Kickoff Clash victors have another tournament under their belt.

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The second tournament cycle of the 2022 Overwatch League season is now in the books as the Midseason Madness has now concluded, meaning we have a victor to report about.

For this season, the team that has taken the tournament is none other than the winner of the Kickoff Clash as well, as the Los Angeles Gladiators have continued their dominant showing this year by notching up a second tournament victory.

This win came after defeating the San Francisco Shock in the grand finals, a match that was actually a rematch of the Winners Finals, where the Shock beat the Gladiators 3-2 and sent the Los Angeles-based team into the Losers Round, where it had to knock out Atlanta Reign before being given a chance at the tournament victory again.

Despite winning both tournament cycles, the Los Angeles Gladiators are still not the number one seed in the West division. That falls to the San Francisco Shock still, as the team currently has an undefeated regular season record and a better map win/loss differential than the Gladiators. Both teams currently have 13 points to their name however.

As for when the Overwatch League will return, the first week of qualifiers for the Summer Showdown is set to start on August 11.

Overwatch 2

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