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LucidSound LS25 Esports Headset

We took LucidSound's headset out for a test drive on a number of devices.

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LucidSound LS25 Esports Headset

With esports as big as they are right now it's no surprise to see headsets catering to fans of competitive gaming, which is exactly what LucidSound is doing with their LS25 headset, coming in at around £80 and designed with esports in mind, at least according to manufacturers themselves.

The headset weighs in at 318g and is emblazoned with red details on a black design, even down to the red stitching on the earcups and headband above. It's not the lightest of headsets you'll ever use, but it's not a chunky beast either, and the wire adds virtually no weight because it feels like your standard AUX cable. That said, because of this wire's delicacy, it's a bit too flimsy and easy to pull out for our tastes, whether that be the single-wire system for consoles or the PC splitter cable.

As soon as you open the box you realise there aren't a whole load of components, meaning you can attach the mic to the headset, the wire from your controller/PC to the headset, and you're pretty much good to go. Even volume can be controlled with a dial on the left earcup - similar to other LucidSound headsets - and the mic can be muted with the press of a button on the right side too, so everything is just easy and convenient from the get-go. What's more is that it's rather robust as a whole and feels high-quality all over.

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LucidSound LS25 Esports Headset

The mic is easy to attach since it just plugs in, and from the messages we have recorded and the feedback from friends it produces very clear quality, from in-game battles to just chatting on Discord. The audio into your own ears is also clear, and the headset works to block out a lot of external noise due to the over-ear design and thick padding. It's not got bass boosting or any extras like that (unsurprising considering its focus is on ease of use), but from music to gaming the sound is rich throughout.

What's more is that this isn't just limited to those playing competitive games on PC and consoles, as you can also use this with the Switch, your phone, and pretty much anything with an AUX input. This makes it convenient for switching from podcasts to gaming and anything in between, all with a wire and no fiddly software or adapters.

Basically LucidSound has done everything in their power to make this a really easy headset to use, whether that's in-game when you're muting the mic or changing the volume, or simply setting it up on your device of choice. Once it is set up though it offers a great headset experience both when receiving and transmitting audio, but the price might be the only sticking point when gamers are deciding what to buy and surveying the list of heavyweights like Turtle Beach and the like. It's worth a punt though and is definitely best for those who want a no-fuss kind of experience.

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LucidSound LS25 Esports Headset
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Easy to use with PC, PS4, and Xbox One, Very few parts, Good quality and noise cancellation.
Wires are delicate and small, Expensive.
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