Magic Duels: Origins

Magic Duels launches on PC and Xbox One today

Already available on iOS and coming to PS4 later this year.

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Wizards of the Coast are reinventing their digital offering of Magic the Gathering this year as Magic Duels take a leaf out of Hearthstone's book going free-to-play. The game launched on iOS (iPhone and iPad) back in July, and launched today on PC (Steam) and Xbox One. It is planned for release later this year on PS4.

Magic Duels: OriginsMagic Duels: Origins

Here's some handy bullet points in case you're wondering what's new since the last edition (other than the change of business model):

- Virtually endless solo gameplay against thousands of AI opponent deck

- All-new Skill Quest tutorial system that teaches gameplay quickly and easily-just like learning from a friend

- Expanded multiplayer options including Two-Headed Giant Mode

- Deck Wizard offering step-by-step deck construction guidance for new players, and an advanced Deck Builder allowing experienced players to build from scratch

- Regular updates from corresponding Magic set releases

- Hundreds of new cards from the upcoming Origins set, including powerful Planeswalkers

- 100% earnable content means players can play free!


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