Maneater's conspiracy theory DLC, Truth Quest is coming this August

When the new world order is threatened, only one shark can save humanity.

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Tripwire Interactive has announced the release date for the next DLC coming to its ShaRkPG, Maneater. Known as Truth Quest, this adventure will take your vicious sea creature to the mysterious Site P, a government location that isn't all it seems, so that you can solve a mysterious conspiracy and help protect the new world order, which is being threatened.

The DLC, of which you can see a new trailer for below, shows off some new enemies, the new location and even plenty of shark related action. And best of all, it even gives us a release date for when we can get our hands on the expansion, which will be August 31. And it will be coming to PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series. No word as to when the DLC will drop for the Switch version of the game.


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REVIEW. Written by Ben Lyons

"Maneater takes the essence of GTA and channels it into a relentless ocean-based romp that somehow also manages to show the atrocious impact we humans have on our oceans."

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