Manus VR aims to put your hands in VR games

Are these gloves the next step in recreating real life in virtual reality?

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During GDC we were given the opportunity to sample a prototype of the Manus VR gloves and HTC Vive. The demo left us impressed as it allowed for tracking of individual fingers. And we had a chat with lead designer Stijn Stumpel following the session.

"We want to be compatible with all VR systems, the Oculus Rift, the PlayStation VR, Gear VR, OSVR," says Stumpel when asked about plans beyond Vive support.

What does gloves then add to the VR experience?

"Controllers are really good because they are really robust ways of playing video games but if you're trying to make it seem as much like life as possible controllers are not really natural, you cannot imagine going through your actual life holding controllers and making an omelette in the morning while you're holding those sticks is kind of awkward so we want to put your hands in VR and let you have your body back when you put on the headset."


Manus VR gloves are expected to launch a dev version during the third quarter and a full on consumer model will follow as soon as the company feels there is enough software that supports the gloves.

Manus VR aims to put your hands in VR games

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