Mario Party Superstars

Mario Party Superstars has mini-games with stick rotating

Nintendo is urging players not to rotate with the palm of their hands.

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In the upcoming Mario Party Superstars, we get five remastered boards from the Nintendo 64-era of Mario Party as well as 100 remade mini-games from the series. As kind of best-of, if you will. If you played the first installation on Nintendo 64, you surely remember sore hand palms with blisters after rotating the analog stick in a few mini-games.

It was so bad that Nintendo handed out free gloves to Americans who had bought the game, and since then, there hasn't been a whole lot rotating sticks in the series. Until now. As revealed on Twitter, at least one mini-game (Tug 'o War) with rotating of sticks is back, although this time there's a disclaimer:

"To avoid irritation to your skin and/or damage to the control stick, do not rotate it with the palm of your hand."

Of course, rotating with the palm is the way to go if you want to win, but as the analog sticks for Switch are way better and more comfortable than the ones on Nintendo 64, we hope wrecked palms is a thing of the past.

Mario Party SuperstarsMario Party Superstars
Mario Party SuperstarsMario Party Superstars

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