Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

Mario + Rabbids: no new DLC planned after Donkey Kong

But the studio is open to ideas.

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During E3 last year Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle came out of nowhere to make a surprisingly huge impact on the industry, and the game was back again at E3 2018. The difference this year is the fact that the game itself has since been released and now we're gearing up for the coming release of the Donkey Kong Adventure expansion, which is landing on June 26.

With that being the case producer Xavier Manzanares and creative director Davide Soliani were in LA this week to talk about the DK-themed expansion, and during our chat with the pair, we discussed the Donkey Kong specific moves and features and how they massively change up the player's tactical options.


At the end of the interview, we couldn't resist asking whether this novel Donkey Kong expansion is the end for Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, especially considering the wealth of iconic characters that could potentially crossover from Nintendo's first-party portfolio. This is what Ubisoft's Xavier Manzanares had to say:

"We took the whole year to work on Donkey Kong, we knew that of course [Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze] was releasing as well on Switch this year, so it was almost like a Donkey Kong year," the game's lead producer told Gamereactor.

"We had tons of ideas, in the past we discussed with Nintendo as well, but this one for us is, so far we don't know yet what will come after. The reason is we took so much efforts on Donkey Kong that now we want to think about the future and think what is meaningful, what are people are looking for."

Manzanares then got to the point: "So there's no new DLC coming up, but we're still open to look at options. But right now it's more about the future."

We played the Donkey Kong expansion ahead of E3 and you read our hands-on preview right here.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

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