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Mark September on your calendar for WRC 9

Kylotonn will develop and release three more rally games by the end of 2022 with three more games en route.

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Three new games in the WRC rally racing series are currently being created in France. Kylotonn (now called KT Racing) took care of the license rights with help of publisher Nacon and therefore they just announced WRC 9, WRC 10 and WRC 11. We'll see the first of these iterations this year and all of them are scheduled to release by 2022.

WRC 9 will be landing on September 4, 2020, for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Next-gen ports for Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 are also pending, but no further information has yet been released. And yes, a Nintendo Switch version is also in the works - after all, everything has to be on the hybrid, right?

The latest rally game features an advanced career mode from WRC 8, which is padded out with other role-playing and management elements, for example, you'll be working on your team throughout the season. Three other rally events are already been confirmed, and they take place in Kenya, Japan, and New Zealand (apparently fans can also look forward to two more surprises).

With its simulated gameplay, KT Racing promises more authenticity, which is being reflected in things related to the weight of the vehicle. The sound should also be revised due to these refined physics, so the simulation will hopefully sound authentic to your ears while driving, too. WRC 9 will contain 50 teams from four official WRC leagues, and there are also a few iconic cars for old fans to enjoy.


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