Marvel's Avengers

Marvel's Avengers' next character is Jane Foster aka female Thor

Was Square Enix waiting for the Thor: Love and Thunder teaser trailer?

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Most of you have thought Marvel's Avengers pretty much died after the War for Wakanda expansion, but leaks and vague comments have made it clear that's not the case. The latest example happened late last year when it sounded like She-Hulk would be the next playable character to join the game. Turns out, we're getting another female super-hero before then.

Square Enix has revealed that Jane Foster, who is the female Thor Natalie Portman got millions to talk about after the Thor: Love and Thunder teaser trailer if you didn't know, is the next character joining Marvel's Avengers. That will probably raise an alarm for those who didn't like that we got two Hawkeyes already, and the developers don't exactly reassure us by stating many of Jane's abilities will be very similar to Odinson's even if she'll also have some completely unique ones. The other disappointing news is that it sounds like we'll have to wait a while for her, as she won't come until update 2.5.

Besides that, we're told update 2.4 will become available in May if everything goes according to plan. This update will focus on reworking the rewards in Marvel's Avengers to make them better and more diverse. These changes include having each event rewarding us with gear from different sets, including Units as rewards in more events, and rewarding us with higher power gear for all heroes when completing meta objectives. Further details about this and the update in general will come closer to launch.

Marvel's Avengers

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