Marvel's Avengers

Marvel's Avengers to be killed off in September

Crystal Dynamics, Eidos Montreal and crew are ending support for the game and removing it from stores, but it'll at least stay online a little while longer.

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While some of us at least liked Marvel's Avengers when it launched in 2020, there was no doubt that many improvements would have to be made if Square Enix wanted it to live on for a long time. Unfortunately, it was quickly made clear that the Japanese publisher as usual had set its sales expectations way too high, and new content continuously being delayed to update and tweak what was already there didn't help much. That's why many of us have just been waiting for tonight's announcement.

Crystal Dynamics and crew can, after months of rumours, confirm they'll stop development and support for Marvel's Avengers after a final update on March 31. This last update will just make some balance changes and take down the game's Marketplace.

The reason for the latter is that it won't be possible to purchase credits anymore, and what remains on your account will be converted into units, upgrade modules, DNA keys and other in-game resources. That doesn't mean you should go on a buying spree for outfits, takedowns and such, as all of this will become free after the update.

We might see some tiny tweaks the months following that, because the developers won't stop supporting the game completely before September 30. When that day comes, Marvel's Avengers' single-player and multiplayer will still be playable, but the fact that it's getting removed from the digital stores makes it absolutely clear we shouldn't expect the tiniest of changes after that.

At least it's fascinating that the game's reveal trailer goes full circle in a way, so let's end our coverage of Marvel's Avengers the same way it started.

Marvel's Avengers

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