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      Marvel's Avengers

      Marvel's Avengers War Table dishes out the details on The Mighty Thor

      We get to learn all about the character's abilities, and also its inspirations.

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      Today is officially the day when Jane Foster/The Mighty Thor joins the Marvel's Avengers roster, and with that being the case, Square Enix has released a new War Table Deep Dive to talk all about the inspirations for the character and likewise about its abilities.

      It's said that this iteration of the character is from an alternate timeline, and that she has been ripped from her world by the Tachyon Anomalies. In her own timeline, Jane became The Mighty Thor after getting diagnosed with cancer and after the original Asgardian Thor gave up Mjolnir and the responsibilities of the role following the A-Day tragedy.

      As for how this character will differ to the Thor already in the game, her abilities are as follows:

      • All-Mother's Blessing: An intrinsic ability that builds an overcharge meter with melee attacks

      • God Tempest: Tied to All-Mother's Blessing. When the meter is filled, Jane gets increased ranged damage and creates shockwaves upon hits.

      • Quick Fire: Ranged attack that features a second more powerful ranged attack by timing the returning catch of Mjolnir.

      • Seek and Pin: An upgraded ranged attack that sees Mjolnir find and pin enemies without needing it to be aimed.

      • Earth's Finest: A hammer toss addition to the light attack combo

      • Headstrong: A Jane Foster-spin on Thor's same move

      • Thunderkick: A front kick that knocks enemies away

      • The All-Weapon: The ultimate ability. Jane sends Mjolnir out to find and attack enemies on its own, while she summons Undrjarn to protect her and lower any incoming damage she takes.

      You can check out these new moves in the War Table video below, or read about it in full here, where it's also noted that in the future, Marvel's Avengers will be expanded with two new story chapters exploring what happened to M.O.D.O.K. after players defeated his Kree Sentinel.

      Marvel's Avengers

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