Mass Effect

Mass Effect developer reveals one of the darkest secrets behind the Citadel

I knew it, the whole time I knew it, and yet I wanted to believe otherwise.

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In Mass Effect 1, whenever you're on the Citadel, you'll probably notice a sluggish pace as you venture down the corridors and wide plazas of the incredibly large space station. Even if you hold down the sprint button, you probably won't notice a difference in your pace.

Mass Effect developer John Ebenger recently revealed on Twitter that was intentional. Just like in Dragon Age: Inquisition when your horse doesn't really go faster when you sprint, Mass Effect just changed the FOV of the camera when you pressed the button.

That meant that you had the illusion of going faster, but were actually going at the same pace the whole time so that the game could load in the rest of the Citadel in time for you to reach it. A dastardly trick, but a great reminder that games used to be full of these dark arts to trick the player while the technology caught up with the visions of the developer.

Mass Effect

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