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Cult of the Lamb

Massive Monster will be giving away custom made Cult of the Lamb controllers

They're fluffy yet freaky, as you would expect.

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As part of its launch marketing effort, Massive Monster, the development team behind the wonderful Cult of the Lamb, has teamed up with We Are Robots to create a bunch of custom made controllers themed around the game.

While these devices won't actually be going up for sale, we are told that they will become available as part of giveaways and contests in the future, meaning you could actually be in for a shot at winning a DualSense controller that is as fluffy and freaky as the Lamb itself.

What we mean by that is that these devices aren't just regular DualSenses with a slight twist on their colour, no rather these are decorated with wool on the handles and around the D-pad and buttons. The buttons themselves have also been replaced with Cult symbols, and the signature all seeing eye of the Red Crown even finds itself plastered right in the centre of the touchpad. Needless to say, it seems to tick all the boxes for fans of the game, but you can see that for yourself below.

Cult of the Lamb

Massive Monster has yet to state when these controllers will be given away, but until that information is revealed, be sure to read our review of Cult of the Lamb here.

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