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The Batman

Matt Reeves is "deep" into writing The Batman's sequel

He and co-writer Mattson Tomlin are "really excited" about what they're cooking up.

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Ever since The Batman landed in theatres towards the start of 2022, fans have been eagerly awaiting news on what's next for this gripping take on the Dark Knight. Well, to touch on that matter, director Matt Reeves has now revealed in an interview with Collider that he is currently writing the script with co-writer Mattson Tomlin, and that the pair are really excited about what's to come.

"We're deep in it and my partner and I are writing, Mattson [Tomlin] and I are writing, and it's really exciting, and I'm really excited about what we're doing."

This answer came as Reeves was asked if he was shooting any films this year, to which the director replied, "I'm not going to answer that question, but we are working on a movie. I'll put it to you that way."

This makes it seem like The Batman 2 might not shoot this year, or at the least won't start until late in the calendar year. Either way, it's exciting to know that Reeves is hard at work on the follow-up.

The Batman

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