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League of Legends

Maxlore leaves Giants' League of Legends team

One of the best EU LCS teams of last season is now missing a jungler.

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Giants Gaming, one of the most successful European League of Legends teams of last season, has parted ways with their Jungler, Maxlore. Nubar 'Maxlore' Sarafian has stated that he will no longer be participating with Giants despite their strong success in the Summer Split.

Maxlore confirmed his departure via a tweet, where he explained his experience on the team and how, whilst they had a rough start, they really came into their own thanks to the performance of their midlaner, NighT. He goes on to say that the team faltered after patch 6.15, failing to adapt.

As of right now it's unsure where Maxlore is going, but it's safe to assume he'll be continuing his career somewhere. We'll find out who his replacement will be in the coming weeks before the new split begins, so be sure to keep an eye out. Are you shocked to see him go?

League of Legends
Photo: Nubar Sarafian

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