Bleeding Edge

Mekko the dolphin to hit Bleeding Edge next week

Ninja Theory has detailed next week's patch, which includes the introduction of Mekko to the roster, and improvements to the game.

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Launching last month, Ninja Theory's Bleeding Edge has since become a popular online multiplayer game thanks to its inclusion on Game Pass. Despite its growing fan base though, Bleeding Edge has suffered from connectivity issues and such.

The game's last patch aimed to solve some matchmaking issues that players were having, but the overall experience still has room for improvement. The developer says that its latest patch has shown "noticeable improvements to game performance across all platforms".

Fans will also have a brand new name in the fold: Mekko. This character's release has been delayed for this latest patch to release because the developers wanted to wait until they were "confident everyone who wanted to play our lovable new mechanised fighter could do so with the latest fixes and optimisations in place".

Alongside these changes, there's all-new emotes to unlock, and the Techno Viking board to try out as well. You'll find more details right here.


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