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Street Fighter V

MenaRD triumphs over Tokido in the Capcom Cup finals

The 18-year-old won $250,000 USD.

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The Capcom Cup is one of the biggest competitions in esports, pitting the best Street Fighter V pros against one another, with the prize this year being the largest in fighting game history: $250,000 USD. That's why it's pretty surprising that 18-year-old Dominican Republic player MenaRD was the one to take home this grand prize at the end of it all.

Having faced Japanese competitor and Evo champion Tokido in the winners final, MenaRD was knocked down into the loser's final with a 3-2 defeat, but he bounced back to defeat Nemo 3-0 and set up a rematch against Tokido.

The grand final was far more thrilling than their first encounter, though, as Tokido started by winning the first two games, before MenaRD claimed three in a row to reset the bracket. Tokido once again started positively, winning the first game, but MenaRD pulled out another three in a row to claim the grand final for himself in a magnificent comeback.

Do you think MenaRD can continue this success for years to come?

Street Fighter V
Photo: Capcom

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