Metro 2033

Metro 2033 film adaptation in the works

Michael De Luca and Stephen L'Heureux to produce.

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Michael De Luca and Stephen L'Heureux have teamed up with Metro 2033 author Dmitry Gluhovsky to develop a feature film based on Gluhovsky's best selling novel, Metro 2033.

Gluhovsky says he has been "extremely careful" about handing over his book to Hollywood but he feels that De Luca, producer on The Social Network and Captain Phillips, and L'Heureux, producer on the Sin City sequel A Dame to Kill for, "have a great vision for this project".

Metro 2033 is the story of a man named Artyom who survived World War III by taking cover in Moscow's subway system, like many other people. In the maze of tunnels and stations the survivors built a new civilisation and culture, relatively safe from the nuclear fallout. Gluhovsky's novel has spawned an 80 book franchise and two solid games, Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light.

Metro 2033

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