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Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

MHW: Iceborne getting Resident Evil and Horizon collabs

These are coming over the next few months, with PS4 players able to get the most content in the expansion.

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Monster Hunter World: Iceborne is continuing to support players post-launch, as from 16:00 PT today (00:00 GMT November 8, or 01:00 CET), Capcom is giving players access to event quests for the Raccoon City collaboration alongside new equipment from the weapon design and Palico gear contest.

PS4 players can get exclusive content as well, as Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wild event quests start on November 21, with a console update also coming in December.

As for the Resident Evil event, Leon, Claire, and Tyrant head to Iceborne, seeing hunters acquire materials upon completing the event quest (requiring MR20 or above), crafting layered armour sets for Leon and Claire. On top of that, there are themed pendants to go with Raccoon City, as well as two new gestures, themed decorations, and more.

There's even a paid DLC costume called The Handler's Terrifying Tyrant, transforming you into the brutal stomping giant.

Starting on November 21, those who are MR24 or higher can craft a Light Bowgun based on Aloy's Stromslinger prototype from Horizon Zero Dawn, and the collaboration quest also gives you materials to craft themed equipment. You can even get a pendant designed as Aloy's Focus.

In December the new monster will be joining Iceborne, which is yet to be revealed, and there will be seasonal festivities as well, not to mention the return of almost all the event quests, limited bounties, and more. For the first time since Iceborne launched, all of this will be held in both the Astera and Seliana Gathering Hubs.

Next month extra Horizon Zero Dawn content is also on the way too, including more free content like event quests and themed gear.

More updates on 2020 plans will be shared at a later date. Are you excited for these crossovers?

Monster Hunter World: IceborneMonster Hunter World: Iceborne

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