Doom Eternal

Mick Gordon has spoken up about the botched Doom Eternal soundtrack release

A new statement airs frustration with executive producer Marty Stratton.

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Back when the Doom Eternal soundtrack debuted in early 2020, it was met with a fair bit of criticism from fans. People weren't exactly taken by the quality of the soundtrack, and took to social media to vent their frustration. At that time, composer Mick Gordon spoke up and aired some grievances with the OST as well, but other than seeing a statement from executive producer Marty Stratton pop up on a Reddit page, this whole situation kind of faded away.

Until today, because Gordon has now published an incredibly lengthy and detailed statement on The Medium, where he talked about what happened with the OST from his perspective, and how there was conflict with Stratton on some of the decisions made on this front.

Gordon states that the post from Stratton was "full of lies, disinformation and innuendo", and that they "offered me a six-figure sum to shut up about it." More so, Gordon notes that he hasn't been paid for half of the Doom Eternal music, and that the soundtrack included "rejects, mockups, demos, many of which were never meant for public release."

The reason why Gordon has perked up and released this new statement on the matter is to tell his truth, as he believes that Stratton's statement has caused serious damage and harm to his reputation as a composer.

"Marty's words damaged my character and attacked my reputation. I have afforded him ample opportunity to address this issue, but his refusal to do so has left me with no option other than to issue this statement."

Needless to say, there's a lot to unpack, so if you'd like to read about the intricacies of the situation, you can do so at the link above.

Doom Eternal

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