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Microsoft considers offering energy saving graphics as an option

Would you accept games changing to lower resolutions while left idle?

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As a result of Russia's war against Ukraine and other factors, energy is unreasonably expensive in Europe right now. Now it seems like Microsoft has plans to help people cut their bill by using new graphic modes for Xbox.

In a new survey sent to Xbox Insiders, they are specifically asking how interested the users would be to have options to reduce graphics to lessen the energy needed to render them. Here's two of the questions:

"In general, how would feel about having in-game features that can optimize settings to save energy if you toggled them on? (Note: Game settings adjustments could be things like resolution, frame rate, visual effects, or GPU)

In general, how would you feel about individual games automatically lowering frame rate or resolution when the game is left idle or inactive (to save energy)?"

Options like these would both save some money and reduce our carbon footprint to some extent, so we can see why Microsoft is exploring these modes. Do you think these are good ideas?

Microsoft considers offering energy saving graphics as an option

Thanks Windows Central

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