Microsoft Flight Simulator

Microsoft Flight Simulator reaches over 10 million pilots

And 500 million flights have been flown.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator is one of the most technical achievements in a long time with plenty of really cool features that lets you explore the world aviation style, with accurate weather and tons of cool features.

But it was also an entertaining game that quickly became very popular and even received quite the few GOTY awards when it was released two years ago. Since then, more and more pilots have joined the fun, and now Xbox Wire reveals that the game is now celebrating 10 million pilots. They also share some fascinating facts:

  • 500 million flights

  • 40 billion miles flown

  • Equivalent of 10 million trips around the Earth

  • Equivalent of 200 round trips from the Earth to the Sun

Microsoft Flight Simulator is available on Game Pass, which definitely has helped boosting the number of players, proving how a subscription service can really help a game like this, which normally would have a harder time reaching more than a core aviation interested audience.

Microsoft Flight Simulator

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